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Saffron Flower
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19th-Nov-2015 08:20 pm - Wishlist // Wants
All pictures were found from google

                  My main collection so I'm looking for pretty
                        much anything. Especially things that are
                        not stock posed.

clear figure metal coin clear kid

                   My secondary collection for which I'm
                         searching new stuff about as aggressively
                         as for my main.

tfg clear kid

                For this collection I am rather picky but fortunately
                      the kitty is fairly cute in everything it does so I'm
                      quite open to suggestions.

sticker metal coin charm
pokeball charm this flat charm
capsule figure stamp charm
pouch zukan kid figure
tfg team rocket figure mega block
coin x x
x x

                The side collection of side collections where I
                      usually just pick up cute Abra stuff when I
                      come across it.
19th-Nov-2015 01:09 pm(no subject)

Welcome to Saffron Sales
The sales post of iAibou
Sales permission by entirelycliched 09th of January, 2013
My community feedback is locate here

My non-pokémon sales are here

Follow all the rules of Pkmncollectors.
                   I do not sell to people who are banned there,

                or who have lots of negative feedback.
                   I have the right to refuse to sell to you.

All prices are in US dollars.
                I accept only paypal. Prices do not include shipping.
                HAGGLING IS A-OKAY :3 I am horrible at pricing
Shipping is from Finland
                I generally ship asap, but keep in mind that post doesn't move
                on Friday - Sunday here. When asking for a quote,
                be specific about your country. Also mention if you want
                anything special to your shipment. [ extra sturdy packing,
                insurance, tracking etc. ]
I hold items for max 24 hours.
                Backing out of sales earns you a negative feedback
                But asking for a quote doesn't yet mean you are committed :3
I am open to trades
                 Generally only to Hypno and Drowzee merch but you can try
                to bribe me with stuff from my wishlist.
7th-Jan-2012 12:38 am - Aibou's Pokémon Collection

Aibou's Pokémon Collection

Some information about me and what I collect

Some things to know about me and my collecting

   I reside in Finland
    I'm open for buying, and trades
    I trade internationally
    I do buy customs
    But I'm incredibly picky about them

My main collections are:

  Drowzee && Hypno
  Mime Jr.
  Pink pokémon

19th-Sep-2008 04:09 pm - Moving in!
Finally got around to customize my new journal to shape. The last one started to be a tad too unorganized and it would've taken me years to clean it up. I'm still not sure what I'll be doing with this journal... maybe posting some avatars or something if I get around to do them.
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